Useful information

Money and Banking
Bhutanai??i??s currency i.e. ngultrum value is at par with Indian currency rupee. It is recommended that you carry traveller cheque or cash preferably in USD for exchange in any banks of Bhutan after the arrival. You can avail services from any banks in Bhutan; Bank of Bhutan, Bhutan National Bank, Druk PNB Bank and Tashi Bank. Visa and American express credit cards are also accepted in many shops in Bhutan particularly in Thimphu. Outside Thimphu, it is advisable to carry USD or ngultrum in cash for paying your local expanses that are not met from the daily tariff.

Travel kits
Bhutan experiences variation in its climate. Summers are warm, while winters are cold. So bring with you a couple of warm clothes and comfortable shoes for outdoor trekking. Modest dress clothes are to be worn for visiting Dzongs and monasteries. As a mark of respect, be kind to remove your hat while entering religious institutions and Government offices where the national flag is hoisted. Others to consider carrying with you are;
ai??? a pair of sunglasses, sun lotion and a hat
ai??? antiseptic cream
ai??? anti-diarrhoea pills
ai??? High altitude and car sickness medicine
ai??? Insect repellent and flash light (with a pair of spare batteries)
ai??? Camera, films and batteries (with a pair of spare camera batteries)
ai??? Umbrella, etc.

Photography and shopping

Bhutan is a picturesque place for photographing landscapes and culture. However, you may have to check with your guides as taking pictures inside Dzongs and monasteries are often restricted unless prior permission is sought. Entering into some restricted national parks and taking pictures require prior permission from the Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division of the Department of Forest and Park Services. Please let us know if you are truly a nature lover or environmentalists. We can arrange the permits for you in advance.

You can buy Bhutan made handicrafts and clothes as souvenirs from many shops in Thimphu street shops, Government emporium and craft markets. You can also buy clothes paintings and exquisite postage stamps from the handicraft shops. Please be reminded that buying and selling of antiques is strictly prohibited in Bhutan.

Custom restricted goods
The following articles are exempt from duty:
1. Personal articles for day to day use by the visitor
2. 1 litre of alcohol (spirits or wine)
3. 200 cigarettes on payment of import duty 200%
4. Instruments, apparatus and, appliances for professional use
5. Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic goods for personal use
Please declare the articles mentioned under 4 & 5 in the declaration form upon arrival at the airport. If any such items are disposed of by sale or gift, they are liable for custom duty. The following goods import/export is strictly prohibited.
ai??? Arms, ammunitions and explosives
ai??? All narcotics and drugs except medically prescribed
ai??? Wildlife and plant products especially that of endangered flora and fauna
ai??? Antiques
Import of plants and animals are subject to quarantine regulations. These items must be declared on arrival. Visitors are informed to be cautious in bringing in and taking out antiques of high cultural significance without permission from the concerned authority. Buying and selling of tobacco products is totally banned. It is prohibited to smoke in public places like restaurants, Government office premises and near religious sites.

Accommodation and Food

With the addition of number of international hotels, accommodation, food and services have improved over the years. Most tourists accommodate in a 3 star or 5 star hotels depending on budget. If you wish to accommodate in a 5 star hotel, we can arrange you at an extra costs. These hotels have good provision for food, accommodation, bathing, and laundry and internet facilities except in a few far-flung places. Most hotels offer Bhutanese, Chinese, Continental and Indian dishes. For those looking for a bit of spicy food, can try chilli with farm fresh Bhutanese or Indian cheese. Tourists can also opt for vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes.

Health and Safety Precautions
It is advisable to check with the Airlines for any information on health. At times, an outbreak of human and animal diseases both in and outside Bhutan requires necessary precaution are taken perhaps a vaccination. While the safety precautions are not a big concern, it is advisable to be prepared for any mishap. Urban sprawl in Bhutan, invites street gang fights following drug and other substance abuses, especially at mid night. If you need to visit market at night, you should visit in the company of your guides. Please be reminded to keep your passport, wallet and cameras and other items in your secured place.

Communication and Electricity
Almost every town has internet cafes. Mobile phones are widely used for international calls. Upon arrival, you can change your sim card in the nearest telecommunication office. All houses are connected with electricity and uses 220/240 volts with 3 pins in most cases. Our energy is clean and green generated from hydropower.

Time, Office hours and Government Holidays
Our standard time is 6 hours ahead of GMT with a single time zone within the country. Office hours have summer and winter times. Summer time starts at 0900-1700 hours while winter time starts at 0900-1600 hours. Government declares public holidays in accordance with local festivals and other events. A list of Government holidays for 2016 is given in the table. erythromycin 500 mg.